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Tak with ood. I you hav toubl swallowing, th tablt may b cushd chwd and swallowd with a dink wat. Tgain th most bnit, dnot miss doss. Kp taking this mdicin (albndazol tablts) as you hav bn told by you doctoth halth ca povid, vn i you l wll.

Albndazol blocks glucos uptak by suscptibl wom spcis, thby dplting th ngy lvl quid suvival. Du tdiminishd ngy poduction, th paasit is immobilisd and vntually dis.

Asy buising blding, unusual waknss; v, sthoat, and hadach with a sv blisting, pling, and d skin ash; v with chills, body achs, lu-lik symptoms.

Dosing ALBNZA will vay dpnding upon th indication. ALBNZA tablts may b cushd chwd and swallowd with a dink wat. ALBNZA tablts should b takn with ood [s CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

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albendazole may cause fetal harm and should not be used in pregnant women except in clinical circumstances where no alternative management is appropriate.


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