Celebrities whom Smoke or Have Smoked Pot – component 2

Celebrities whom Smoke or Have Smoked Pot – component 2

A small number of a-listers have actually admitted to smoking cooking pot at one part of their lives. Yet there are a number of them who’re unabashed about their current habit that is weed. Let’s learn more of the superstars and whatever they need to state about cannabis.

Sarah Silverman. Sarah will not hide her cooking pot habit. She had also told Conan O’Brien any particular one time, within a bar mitzvah, she split a cannabis edible together with her stepmother. Seth Rogan had also stated that Sarah had been the initial celebrity he ever smoked weed with.

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Joe Jonas. Jonas revealed within an essay for Vulture titled “My lifestyle as being a Jonas Brother” that the very first time he smoked pot had been with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato as he ended up being 17 or 18 yrs old. He stated that Demi and Miley urged him to try it, and when it was given by him a go, “it had been okay.” As to whether he still tokes up, Joe said, “I don’t even weed very often anymore.”

Oprah Winfrey. Oprah admitted that she has smoked weed within the past. Whenever she ended up being asked whenever she past had a joint, she stated 1982 and added “I hear it’s gotten better!”

Justin Bieber. As he hosted Night Live in early 2013, the Biebs saturday confirmed that he had been busted for smoking weed and that he’s sorry about this. There are pictures of Bieber cigarette smoking pot at a celebration, plus in January 2014, he had been arrested for drag race in Miami and encountered charges of DUI, driving with an expired permit, and arrest that is resisting. Diagnostic tests showed that the singer had THC in the system, which suggests marijuana use, as well as alprazolam, this means he took Xanax.

Kirsten Dunst. Dunst told The everyday Mail she has “a that she likes weed and different outlook on marijuana” when compared with America. She went further and said that if everybody else smoked marijuana, “the globe would be an improved destination.”

Madonna. The pop music icon once established an F bomb-laden tirade on David Letterman in 1994. But a lot more than 10 years later on, Madonna explained to Letterman that that specific event ended up being perhaps not due to her excitement to understand host, but might have been as a result of “the joint I smoked before we arrived on.”

Snoop Dogg. Snoop was never bashful about his love for weed and also told Esquire mag which he happens to be smoking it since he had been 8 years of age. Snoop got his YouTube that is own talk in 2016 and then he is seen smoking joint with guests.

Wiz Khalifa. Wiz is an extremely big fan of weed, and then he will not you will need to conceal it. In reality, his weed practice is well-documented in which he operates their very own line of rolling documents. In 2013, he told MTV Information that while weed doesn’t work for everyone, it really works for him. Nevertheless, he warned people, “don’t ruin your life wanting to resemble me personally.”

James Franco. In 2008, Franco told United States Of America Today which he utilized to smoke weed. He clarified, but, in a long time that he hasn’t done it.

Susan Sarandon. When Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon guested on Watch What Happens real time, she had been asked to name a conference in Hollywood that she attended while stoned. She quipped, “Only one?” and went on to show “almost all, except the Oscars.”

Robert Downey Jr. Downey unveiled in an meeting with Rolling rock that he began smoking weed at 8 yrs old, due to his dad. This fundamentally resulted in their cocaine and heroin addiction, and from 1996 to 2001, he had been inside and out of rehab and of prison.

Woody Harrelson. Harrelson is yet another cannabis activist and freely protests the prohibition of cannabis. He could be a good person in NORML Advisory Board.


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